Friday, October 9, 2015

Doyles, Newfoundland (second visit)–part 1

My last stop in Newfoundland was at the Grand Codroy RV park  (august 15 – 19).  The park used to be a Provincial Park but is now private.  This is the same park that I started my tour of Newfoundland in early June. 

My plans for this stop were to tour the area to the east of Port Aux Basques.  My first drive to the area, along 470 was fantastic, even with the fog!

Some people may not find this area beautiful, but I did.  Hills, rocks, bogs, coast….  Wonderful!!


Other than some quick scenic stops along the road, my first stop was Barachois Falls.  This has a short trail (mostly boardwalk) leading to a nice waterfall. 

nl_doyles_hwy470_barachoisfalls3nl_doyles_hwy470_barachoisfalls4I nl_doyles_hwy470_fringed_orchid

There were a lot of wildflowers blooming, including the white fringed orchid above. 

That same day, I headed to the Rose Blanche Lighthouse.  Unfortunately the fog had started to roll in, but seeing a lighthouse in fog can be interesting as that is when they are needed the most!

This lighthouse was originally built in 1872 and fully reconstructed in 1999.  It was built from granite from a local quarry.  In the first picture above the lighthouse is at the end of the trail, but is very hard to see due to the fog. 


I headed back to the same area on another day to do a bit of hiking.  My first stop was in Isle aux Morts (Island of the Dead).  There have been many shipwrecks in this area and one of the local trails is called the Harvey trail in memory of the Harvey family who rescued many people from several wrecks.  The Harvey trail is another great coastal trail.


The town of Isle aux Morts was another interesting seaside town -- nl_doyles_islaauxmorts1


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