Sunday, October 11, 2015

Doyles, NL (part 2) and last day in Newfoundland

Since it was foggy on my first visit to Rose Blanche lighthouse, I decided to go back.  It is in a beautiful area.


On my last day in Newfoundland as I was headed to the ferry it was foggy.  I loved the way the fog seemed to roll down the mountains.

nl_doyles_last day in nl

While in Newfoundland I did not see another Lazy Daze RV until my last week there.  I knew of one other Lazy Daze in NL (a couple who are members of the SouthEast Lazy Daze group that I belong to).  The same day I saw their RV at a rv park, I saw another Lazy Daze.   When I got to my last campground I saw the other Lazy Daze again.

They were leaving Newfoundland the same day that I was and we ended up being parked next to each other on the ferry.  This was very strange since there are so many vehicles on the ferry.  We had a mini Lazy Daze get together. 

nl_doyles_ferry to_novascotia

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