Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The rest of Freeport, ME

Note – this is my second post of the day, I typically don’t do that, but but now that I have limited internet access I will post when I can.

One day, I took a driving trip to see some of the coast and small coastal towns.  Ocean’s Point was the first place I stopped.  The homes were really interesting and some of them had a nice view. 

Ocean’s Point --


Then I headed to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park.  It was only 6 miles from Ocean’s point, but that is only if you can fly.  By car, it is about 40 miles. 

The lighthouse -


It was a little bit foggy when I first got there, but I had some sun.

Pictures from the area --



Once again, I found a great spot to sit and enjoy the view.  Watching waves hit the rocks and watching the fog roll back in was great.   After a while I wanted to applaud for the great show I had seen, but I didn’t as the people around me might have thought I was crazy (and the great show was still going on!).

Other pictures from the area --

Freeport_ME_pemaquid_point_5Freeport_ME_pemaquid_point_10Freeport_ME_pemaquid_point_9A beautiful area, I ended up spending a couple of hours there walking around the rocks and enjoying the views.  I probably would have stayed longer, but it got so foggy that I could feel my clothes getting wet.    

I can’t believe that by finishing this up I am ahead of schedule for blogging.  Tomorrow on May 20,  I head to Bar Harbor for a week.

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  1. Boy these are GORGEOUS pictures. I would have applauded too. You will be in Bar Harbor much earlier than I have ever been so I'm anxious to see how you find it weather wise.