Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park - Part 1

 I am having problems with Windows Live Writer, so am posting this straight from Blogger (that's after spending an hour or so trying to figure out the problem).  It is a bit more difficult, so forgive the formatting!!  I have noticed that some friends are also having issues, so it's not just me!  (great website from some fellow Lazy Daze RV owners.  For those who like to hike out of the way places or just like good photos check it out)

Can you believe it??  I am actually not behind in my blogging.  It has always been my plan to post the blog as soon as I leave the area and I just left Bar Harbor yesterday!

I was in Bar Harbor May 20 – 27 and had a great time.  The weather was a bit cold and a few times rainy and/or foggy, but I would rather it be cold than hot.

As my few readers know I love rocks and I love water, especially the coast.  So the Maine coast was great!  Below are some shots that I took while rock hopping on some stops along the loop road in Acadia National park.

 A couple of shots of me relaxing and enjoying the view --

I have found the panoramic shots look better if you click on them to enlarge it.

I hiked several trails while there.  One of my favorites was Beech Cliffs.  It is one of the shorter trails, but I loved it so much I did it twice.  The trail starts of heading up a hill in a wooded area and then I came to the view in the first picture below.  I knew I was going to like it at first sight.  Then up and over the rocks and wow!

The picture below shows Echo Lake below the cliffs and off in a distant is the Gulf of Maine. 

The shot below is looking the other way, with a view of the trail, which climbs the rocks in the upper left corner and Echo lake down below.

The trail was great, it included a bit of rock climbing and some fantastic views!

Another short trail I hiked was Wonderland trail.  It lead to the shore in an area known for it’s tide pools.  I enjoyed it and was hoping to find a sea star, but didn’t.

While there, I stayed at Mt. Desert Narrows RV Park.  It is a private park that is ok.  The restrooms were a bit dingy (old, but clean) and for wi-fi I had to walk up to the community building.  But the view I had made up for everything.  The campground was located along a basin (I think it’s Thompson cove, but I can’t find that map!) in the gulf.  I enjoyed watching it at different times as the tide changed.  The first picture was taken with my phone on my last night there. (so no fancy camera to change the colors).  The second is a panoramic shot taken at close to high tide.  At low tide most of the area in the photo was dry (well muddy).

I took so many pictures I will post the others in part 2.


  1. You did a better job than I did using Blogger! What a pain.

  2. You did better than I did with Blogger too. I had to do Carrie's wedding post with it after waiting a week. Of course the next day they fixed it. So glad they got their little tiff worked out so LiveWriter is available. Acadia looks just as beautiful as I remember it from my last visit. How cold was it?