Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Georgia -

I was back in Georgia from March 24 – April 26.  As in the past, I started at Fort Yargo in Winder, then went to Watson Mill Bridge State Park, then up to Dillard, GA.

Every morning (when it wasn’t raining) at Watson Mill Bridge State Park I walked about 3 miles.  That would include several trips through the covered bridge.


Also while here, I had a project.  If you saw my last blog,  I left it with a teaser.  I asked if anyone could guess what this was --


If I had better tools, it probably would have taken less than 30 minutes to make, but since I was using a small hacksaw it took about 3 hours!!.  And my hand hurt afterwards!!

What is it????


It is a clothes rack that hooks to my ladder on the back of my RV.  The ones I saw on-line were made much nicer than mine, but it works great. And yes, it is a bit long for the RV, but there are 2 spots that it fits inside the RV.  But I am thinking about trimming it 7 – 8 inches and then it will fit in my Honda CRV. 

I visited with my mom while staying in Dillard and ended up running out of time and didn’t get a chance to see my nephew and his family while I was in Georgia (sorry Jim, Heather and Jackson!).

I don’t know where all my time went, but I am slowly making my way north.  I am currently in Wellboro, PA where  I rode some of the Pine River Gorge Trail a few times.   I’ll blog about that in a few days.

PS – For my few regular readers, I have not been doing well at all with my weight loss.  In fact I put some weight back on.  But I am trying it get back on plan and start going down the scale again.

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  1. Clever idea. Have never seen anything like that. Jim made a clothes drying rack that fit on the ladder with PVC but we got rid of it not long ago because I rarely used it since it was too much trouble to put together. Yours should get more use since it's so easy to put up.