Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT–Part 2

Once again I am posting multiple blogs today, so make sure you look at both of them!

After visiting the Toadstool area, I wanted to see the Pahreah ghost town and movie set.  Well, I saw some really great scenery, but the town site is now just some old footings.  I thought I had passed the movie set, but later found out that I didn’t quite go far enough and as it was a fairly rough dirt road I decided not to drive it again. 

Even though I didn’t see what I wanted to, the colors in the hills were fantastic--

WARNING, you are about to see pictures of one of my favorite hikes in Utah so far and there are way too many pictures.  I just couldn’t decide which to post.

On another day, I enjoyed a scenic drive down Skutumpah Road as I headed to Willis Creek.  At Willis Creek, you can follow the creek through several short sections of narrows.  It has been a dry year in Utah, so there was not too much water in the creek.  When I was there, the creek was never more than 3 - 4 inches deep and most of the time you could walk on the side of the creek.  Or in a few cases through the creek, but it was shallow enough that my hiking boots kept me from getting wet feet!  In wetter years, there are times when people hike through almost a foot of water to do this hike.  There are also times it can’t be hiked because there is too much water.  I just got lucky and had a very easy hike.

Headed down into the narrows--

I just loved the way the water had shaped the narrows.  In some places the cliffs were almost smooth, in others they had tiny ridges, some places the cliffs were wavy, other places they were more rough. 

There were several small sections of narrows, between each it would open up into a canyon like area.  Below is looking back into the narrows that I had just walked through. 

At one point I got to this area, where the creek cut through the rocks and dropped about 8 – 10 feet.

The waterfall as seen from the bottom is below.  The water fall is in the very center of the picture.  At this point, I had to scramble down a wash to get back to the creek. 

I only saw 3 other groups of people while I was there.  In the picture above you can get an idea as to the height of some of the cliffs since you can see one couple enjoying the hike! (You might need to double click the picture in order to enlarge the picture.)

So far, I would say that my favorite hikes in Utah are the one above and Corona Arch in Moab.

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