Monday, June 10, 2013

Bryce Canyon, UT–Part 1

After spending 10 days in Zion, I headed to Bryce Canyon, Utah on May 8.  I stayed at Ruby’s Park and Campground, just a few miles from Bryce Canyon National Park.   I had thought about staying in the park, but was glad I decided to stay at Ruby’s as we had a couple of days of bad weather and I had electricity and cable at Ruby’s.  One day I headed back to the campground after spending some time in the park and I saw this--

I thought that he had probably had too much to drink.  But I saw him again several hours later and I realized that it was a dummy!!

The day I got to Bryce, it had snowed a few inches that morning.  By the time I got there, it had just about melted.  While touring the park, it did start snowing again – but just flurries.  Below is the view of the Amphitheater, taken on 2 different days.

And a close-up of the hoodoos-

Natural Bridge -

One morning, I hiked part of the rim trail for several miles.  I took so many pictures it was hard to narrow them down.  Here are a few from the rim trail --

Below is a shot of the trail at a rather narrow part of the trail.

Too bad the pumps at this gas station were not working -

the price was 0.99 cents per gallon!

Another short trail I did was the Mossy Cave Trail.  The cave itself was really just an alcove and not that spectacular.  But there was a small waterfall and beautiful scenery.   The water flow is not natural.  In the 1800’s pioneers dug an irrigation ditch that provided many of the local communities with water, but it did wash away some of the hoodoo’s.  The good thing is it created a path that makes it easy to walk in the area.

I will post the rest of my pictures in part 2 of Bryce Canyon.

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