Monday, June 10, 2013

Bryce Canyon–Part 2

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I wanted to go down into the canyon, but I didn’t want to go on a long hike as I didn’t want to have a long and tiring trip back up.  I decided on the Queens trail and a short section of the Navajo trail (which connects to the Queens trail close to the end of the trail).

Headed Down -

There are several tunnels cut into the rocks.  In the middle of the picture above, you can just make out a tunnel and a couple of people about to head through it.  Below is the trail going through another tunnel.

Looking back up the trail (with a couple of hikers in the photo)--

Below is the reason for the name of the trail.  It is supposed to look like Queen Victoria.

The Red Canyon is part of the Dixie National Forest, and is very popular.  Probably because many people drive right through it on the way to Bryce Canyon.  This is one of 2 tunnels that you drive through on the main road. 

I did 2 hikes in the area.  One of them was just a short walk close to the visitors center among the hoodoos.

Another hike I did in Red Canyon was the Arches trail.  This trail was not as popular as you had to take a dirt road a few miles to get to the trailhead.  But I thought the drive was well worth it.  Not far into my hike, I saw this -- 

I had previously read about this so I knew that it was allegedly built by Butch Cassidy to store supplies in his earlier days as an outlaw. Apparently he was raised in the area and spent a good bit of time hiding in Utah.  There are several trails named after him.

The trail was a little narrow in some places, but it was great!!

I thought the trail was going to go thru the middle window, but it turned at the rock formation and went around.

From Bryce Canyon, I headed about 25 miles down the road to Kodachrome State Park. 

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