Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Interstate Park, WI

Still catching up on my blog – I went to Interstate Park September 11 – 13.  This is the first Interstate park in the nation.  There is one in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota, separated by the St. Croix River. 

While there I went on a couple of small hikes on the Wisconsin side.  The Pothole trail was interesting, but I later learned I liked the Minnesota trail better.  The holes were formed from the meltwaters of the Glaciers.

Interstate st pk wi 1Interstate st pk wi 2

I also went on the Summit Rock Trail.Interstate st pk wi 5

One day I went to the Minnesota park (less than a mile from my campsite).  Their trail with the potholes was very interesting.  Some of the holes are 60 feet deep.  There was one that a side had collapsed and they built stairs to walk down into the hole.

Headed down -

Interstate st pk minn 2

Looking up from the bottom-Interstate st pk minn 3

Looking down from the top – Interstate st pk minn 5

Some of the holes were filled with water -

Interstate st pk minn 4


While there I took a boat ride on a paddle boat.  The rock formation – The Old Man of the Dalles - 

Interstate st pk minn boat 2

Interstate st pk minn boat3

Other views from the boat ride -

Interstate st pk minn boat 4

Interstate st pk minn boat 5

Interstate st pk minn boat 6

Interstate st pk minn boat 7

Interstate st pk minn boat1

One day, I went to the Franconia Sculpture Park.  It was a very odd park, but I enjoyed it even though I don’t understand some of this being called art.

Got The Power (82 boom boxes)--

Interstate st pk franconia sculpture pk3

Interstate st pk franconia sculpture pk1Interstate st pk franconia sculpture pk2

I also went to one of the local Rail to Trails to do some biking.  I biked a bit over 20 miles on the  Gandy Dancer trail.  It was just an ok trail.  I would do it again if in the area, but I wouldn’t do there just to bike it.  The shot below shows the trail and if you closely you can see 2 deer that were enjoying the trail.

Interstate st pk gandy dancer rail trail

From here I headed back for a weekend visit at my sister’s (which I blogged about already) and then on to Wyalusing State Park.

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