Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chippewa Falls, WI–part 2

Chelsea and Mack’s wedding was held Sept. 10 on my sister’s farm.  The mosquitoes were out for the wedding rehearsal, but it was a bit windy the day of the wedding so no mosquitoes (I think they may have sprayed also).

Rehearsal photos - Chelsea and her dad, Tom


Chelsea and Mack chippewa_falls_rehdin2

Wedding Day -

The view from the hill where the wedding was held-


Tom, my brother-in-law, had his arms full with my grand niece, Tenley, and my niece, Avery. chippewa_falls_wed17

The bride, groom and parents of each -chippewa_falls_wed16

The reception was held in one of the sheds on the farm.  Of course they spent a lot of time cleaning, repairing, reroofing… and it looked great.


The decorations were mostly antiques.

The picture below is of my mom and a kitchen hutch.  This hutch was bought by my parents shortly after they got married.  My brother used it for a while and now my sister has it.  The cabinet doors have been replaced due a moving accident by my nephews!



Above is a wall of family “photos”.  Ok, most are old photos of members of the bride and grooms families.  The other framed “photos” are me, my mom and my sister.

P4370644 (1024x683)P4370646 (1024x683)

P4370713 (1024x683)

My nieces and nephew enjoying their meal. 


My mom had never been inside a porta potty, so since these were never used porta potties (my sister was excited to learn she got brand new ones) we had my mom inspect it. 


Tenley was so tired she fell asleep holding a crayon.


Dirk and Ember -


My nieces – Summer, Chelsea and Morgan



Chelsea and my sister, Amy -


Chelsea showing the twice “borrowed” earrings.  My sister “borrowed” these from my mom when she was a teenager and never returned them then Chelsea borrowed them for the wedding.


Mack and Chelsea’s first dance.  Chelsea made her dress out of her mom’s wedding dress and another dress.  It was very pretty and original!

P4370741 (1024x683)

P4370742 (1024x683)

Chelsea and her dad -

P4370746 (1024x683)

We left early as mom and my nephew’s family were flying out very early the next morning and had to drive to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. 

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