Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chippewa Falls, WI part 1

My main reason for visiting this area the first 2 weeks of September was to visit my sister and her family and attend my niece’s wedding.  Of course, having a nice state park and a good biking trail nearby is great too!

Before I get to the wedding photo’s (which I understand a couple of you are waiting on) I want to post a few other things.

First, I had never fired a gun before this trip.  A few days after the wedding my sister invited me over for lunch and she mentioned that her family was going shooting.  She said they would show me how to shoot if I wanted to.  I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to hold a gun, but I went.  I ended up shooting a 9mm glock (I think that’s right) 3 times.  I missed the target (an old water heater) the first time, but got it the next 2 times.  I don’t have a picture of me shooting, but below is my sister, Amy, being taught how to shoot by her son, Gavin.


The better shooters, shot up this gourd and almost made a smiley face.

The Old Abe trail is the rail trail that is just a mile or so from Lake Wissota State Park.  I have ridden the trail several times and rode it 5 times while I was there, from a quick trip of 10 miles to 30 miles.


On one of my trips I noticed that they were setting up for a festival or something and after some research I decided I wanted to go to one of the events.


Yep, a Demolition Derby.  I had never been to one and didn’t think I wanted to go to one for the entire event.  So I rode my bike there and watched for about 15 minutes from the bike trail.  Very interesting.   As you can see from the crowds, it was well attended.

While at Lake Wissota, I saw something I had been searching for.  A white squirrel!!!!  Unfortunately the only time I saw the almost solid white squirrel (it had a little black patch on the back of it’s head) I was walking to the restrooms and had no camera.  But on a couple of my squirrel hunting trips (using my camera skills, not my newly acquired pistol skills) I saw a squirrel with a solid white tail and more white on his body than most squirrels.  Another camper told me there was at least one white squirrel and 3 partially white squirrels. 


Also while there, my mom, nephew and his family came in for the wedding.  One day we went to the local park/zoo.  Below is a picture of Jackson enjoying the bears.



I will post wedding pictures in part 2.

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