Sunday, August 9, 2015

Port Rexton, NL–part 3

I have always found it interesting that people like to stack rocks in certain areas (rock cairns).  In some places, such as in Sedona, AZ it has to do with New Age practices and vortexes.  But I believe in many cases people do it just to do it.  On the trails here at Cape Bonavista, people have gotten a bit more creative with these rock structures.



A neat insect on the trail -


Dungeon Provincial Park is just down the road from Cape Bonavista.  It gets it name from an eroding rock formation.


The second picture is just to give you an idea of the size.  There are 2 people on top of it. 

The drive through the park goes through some land where horses and cattle graze.  I am guessing some people in cars feed the horses. 

nl_pr_dungeon20I pulled my car over to take the picture below when I had a surprise visitor.  (note the purple wild irises, they seem to be everywhere I go)


My visitor --


The horse above walked over to my car and licked my window and mirror.  I am thinking that some cars feed them because he kind of looked at me and then kicked my car.  I didn’t give him anything and I think he was angry.

Other scenery at Dungeon Provincial Park -


One very windy and rainy day, I drove to Tickle Cove to see the Natural Arch.  I was hoping it wasn’t too long of a walk and it wasn’t .  Maybe a 5 minute walk if I hadn’t stopped to take pictures.

The rocks were so red it was amazing.  I was wishing for better weather, but I ran into a local who told me it was a great day to see the arch since the water was so rough.  The water close to the arch appeared green.nl_pr_redarch1nl_pr_redarh4


I was lucky in that it only drizzled while I was there, except for the last couple minutes of my walk back to the car when it poured.


King’s Cove – (on the way to Tickle Cove above)


As I mentioned in part 1 of my Port Rexton blog, Elliston is known for Puffins and Root Cellars.  I have seen them in several places in Newfoundland, but Elliston has a good many of them.



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