Saturday, August 8, 2015

Port Rexton, Newfoundland–part 1

My next stop was Lockston Path Provincial Park in Port Rexton on the Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland.  I arrived on July 15, which was a very rainy day  and of course I had a couple of miles of dirt road to get to the park which made a mess on my RV and car!

The day I arrived I headed to Elliston, a town known for 2 things -


Puffins and Root Cellars

Even though it was a very gray and drizzly afternoon I wanted to see the puffins and I was not disappointed.  There is a short and scenic walk to the Puffin viewing site and then there are 100’s of Puffins on a small island (and many more on the second further out island).  I ended up going back there every day I was in the area.

Scenic view on the way to the puffins -


A look back at the path -nl_pr_elliston2

A view of the 2 islands where the puffins live - nl_pr_elliston_bird_island

Puffins --




Some days, if you were patient enough the puffins would land on cliffs just feet from where we were. One day a little girl was sitting very quietly and several puffins walked within inches of her.  It was great seeing her reaction to such a special treat.  There were several photographers there hoping to get some shots that they could sell. 




It was interesting to watch them gather materials for their nest and just watch their behavior. 

There are other birds here also, in the picture above with the puffins in the water, there are 2 Razorbills.  Below are 2 Black Guillamots. 


One day while talking to a lady we saw a whale and immediately ran for the cliffs close to where the whale was.  So not only puffins, but whales also!  In looking at my whale pictures, it is sometimes hard to picture that these Humpback whales are about the size of a bus.


I ended up visiting a local Irving gas station several times for gas and to use their facilities.  I thought their signs were funny, especially one day after feeling like the first one!


I looked at the exit sign as a “I made it just in time” victory dance, but the small print says “really really clean bathrooms, Irving”. 


To be continued in part 2 of Port Rexton--

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