Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bluff, UT–one more time

While looking at my blog, I realized that I did not finish my Natural Bridges part of the blog.  Who knows, I probably stopped and restarted and just forgot the last 2 bridges in the park.

I do not have a picture of the second bridge.  I could not figure out where it was from the overlook.  I think that perhaps we could see the top of it, but could not tell it was a bridge unless you walked down to it. 

The third bridge in the park is Owachoma bridge.  This is the bridge that I walked down to.  When I got down to the bridge, I heard voices and realized a ranger was talking to a bunch of kids.  What a great school trip for those kids, I hope they enjoyed it!

I also forgot to post the picture of the “welcome to” sign for Bluff.  Based on this sign, this is the oldest city that I have ever been to.  (EST. 650 A.D.)

Of course, I am way behind in my blog again.  Since Bluff, I have visited Moab, Grand Junction, Zion National Park, Virgin, Bryce Canyon and I am currently in Kodachrome Basin State Park.  I have taken so many pictures recently that I have been dreading going through all of them to determine what to post.  While in Kodachrome, I have no phone, tv, internet connection or radio (actually one so so AM station),so I am trying to get a start on catching up. As soon as I get to my next stop, Torrey, UT, I will start posting the blogs that I am working on.   

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