Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hillsborough River State Park

I thought that I was going to finally catch up on my blog a few weeks ago.  I picked out the pictures for my next 3 stops after South Bay and that’s usually the hardest part!  Then I just didn’t do it.  Anyway, I am going to see if I can do a few of these in the next few days.  That may be hard as I am also researching where I am going next and that’s not as easy as it sounds!!

After South Bay, I went to Hillsborough River State Park.  I had been to the park a couple of times before, so this was not a new park for me.  Not far from my site was a trail that lead to the major trails at the park.  I ended up walking these most mornings for my morning walk.   A typical view from the trail is below-

I biked most days on some off-road trails.  One day I took a “shortcut” that I remembered taking a few years ago.  It was either rougher or I am just getting old and things hurt a bit more.  Ok, probably both!!  But it was still fun!!  Below is a view from one of my bike trips.

On one of my morning walks, I saw a red shouldered hawk.  He was only about 15 feet from me and stayed there while I took pictures.  When I went for my nicer camera he flew away. 


I didn’t notice he was behind the spider web until I saw the picture.   On the same hike, I saw a limpkin looking for food in the river.

From here, I continued North and ended up at Cedar Key. 

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