Monday, June 6, 2016

Shipshewana - 2016

Once again, I stopped in Shipshewana, Indiana on my drive north.   I have stopped here several times before as I really like the area.  I enjoy the farms, the Amish, the bike trail and I can’t forget – the good bakeries (I ate too many donuts, cinnamon rolls and fried pies).

I was in Shipshewana May 25 – June 1.  Since I have been here several times I didn’t take too many pictures. 

I rode my bike on the Pumpkinvine trail 5 times, from 12 miles to 20 miles.  It was warmer than I like while I was there so I rode early in the morning, one morning starting at 7:10 am.  Much of the trail goes beside farms.


On one of the trips I noticed several Bison and a couple of calves on a farm.


One day while on the trail, I saw 5 small Amish girls (guessing age 8 and under) on a small cart being pulled by a miniature horse.  It was so cute and they seemed to be having a great time.

While driving around one day, I was surprised to see a farm with camels. 


While in Shipshewana I got my haircut.  In the same shopping center was a church with a sign that I liked.


When I go to church I usually find a church that has a contemporary service.  One thing that most have that I don’t like is the meet and greet during the service.  Some churches take it to the extreme and walk around greeting each other. Then it takes a while to get everyone settled again.  I always thought that should be done before or after the service.  It looks like the LaGrange Missionary Church does it right – “yak & snack” before the service begins.  Just a pet peeve of mine, with a good solution above!

Believe it or not I am up to date with my blogging!  I am currently in Hart, MI and will blog about that after I leave here tomorrow. 

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