Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fort DeSoto Park, St Petersburg - 74

Before I blog about my time at Fort DeSoto, I wanted to comment on a question that “Pleinguy” asked on my last blog.  He asked why I didn't camp at Paynes Prairie.  Since Florida campgrounds fill up during the winter, I have learned to make reservations both at private and public campgrounds. For state and county parks, I typically make reservations as soon as they open them up.  Some places open up reservations 6 months beforehand, some 11 months…   This year, my first reservation was Fort DeSoto.  I wasn’t sure exactly when I would leave Georgia so I didn’t have a reservation for the first few days of 2015 so that’s why I ended up at Ocala RV North in Reddick 

Now to Fort DeSoto --  As many of you know I really like Fort DeSoto, so I made 2 reservations for this winter!  My first visit was Jan 4 – 11. 

One day I woke up and heard a lot of birds.  Below is a picture of my site, with some of the birds behind it.  And then a closer shot. 


On that same day,  I went to Celery Fields in Sarasota to do some bird watching. 

Spoonbill -

ft_desoto_celery_fields_spoonbillSora – This is a bird I have never seen and most people at Celery Fields were excited to see it.  ft_desoto_celery_fields_soraGreen Heron --ft_desoto_celery_fields_green_heron

I don’t have many pictures of what I did most while at Fort DeSoto.  That was biking and walking.  I biked from 10 – 28 miles and walked 3 – 5 miles most days. 

There is a lagoon that I went to several times as it is known as a good bird watching spot.  Many birdwatchers go there, some amateurs like me and others with more professional looking equipment. (and willing to do more to get better pictures than me – see below)



This trip, the birds stayed as far away from me as they could get, but it was still fun.  Above is a Great Blue Heron, Spoonbill and a Reddish Egret.

One day while sitting outside reading I happened to look up and saw some dolphins.  What fun, to be sitting beside your home (in my case, my RV) and having such great wildlife visit.


From Fort DeSoto, I headed south to Bonita Springs. 

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