Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bonita Springs, FL -

I ended up with reservations in Bonita Springs, FL at Bonita Lake RV Resort. Probably 90% of the people there were snowbirds and the sites were small.  I typically don’t mind this, but I didn’t really like this park.  Nothing bad, just nothing great. 

Somehow I messed up in my planning.  I had thought I was going to be at Fort DeSoto during the huge RV show in Tampa, but it was not until the following week.  So I drove up to the show from Bonita Springs.  I wanted to talk to the folks at Nexxus RV again and visit the vendors.  I did go in a few other RVs, more out of curiosity than thinking I might purchase them at some point. 


The first picture is of the vendor area.  I am glad I got there early as the crowds were already starting to build.  The second picture is – I don’t know what to call her- I suppose street entertainment.  I don’t go to these type of things for entertainment but they have several people walking around entertaining folks and a few bands.  I guess for those that stay all day they need a break.  For me, I was in and out in a couple of hours.  

One of the reason that I choose Bonita Springs was it was in between Sanibel Island and the Everglades.  I had to visit some of my favorite spots.  A couple of days, I went to Sanibel and biked (one day 32 miles), bird watched and sat by the beach.

Below is a Hooded Merganser.  I had seen one before, but never as close as on this trip.


Reddish Egretbonito_spring_san_reddish_egret

Tri-Color Heronbonito_springs_san_tri_color

Below is a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron.  I finally learned the difference between this and a Yellow Crowned Night Heron.  This bird has a yellowish lower mandible (lower part of his bill).  A Yellow Crowned Night Heron has a black lower mandible.  So it is the opposite of what their name is! bonito_springs_san_juv_black_crwn


I don’t just bird watch, I like looking at most wildlife.  The photo above is a Black Mangrove Crab taken while at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

Another day I went to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  I love not only the wildlife but the scenery as well.


Swamp Lily – -

bonito_springs_corkscrew_flowerRed Shouldered Hawk above his nest - bonito_springs_corkscrew_hawk (2)

Rainbow Bunting--bonito_springs_corkscrew_indigo (2)

Of course I had to visit Shark Valley at the Everglades while I was in South Florida.  I went twice, one day riding the pathway twice (30 miles).  The picture below was taken about 10 feet from where I parked my bicycle to visit the lookout tower.  This is a spot where I have seen alligators every time I am there.


Purple Gallinule -


Spoonbill -


From Bonita Springs, I headed north to Lake Louisa State Park.   I’ll try to blog about that in a couple of days.  I am currently in Grayton Beach State Park and they are calling for rain the next few days.  I will try to catch up during that time!

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