Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anaconda, MT

After Glacier National Park, I planned on slowly making my way to Colorado Springs (where I am now).  I had a few weeks for the journey, so I stopped in Anaconda, MT for several days. 

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s this area was known for it’s Copper Smelting.  One of the places I walked several days was the Upper Works Historic Trail, which was a great walking trail with several stops showing remains from the smelting plant.

The trail overlooks a Jack Nicklaus golf course.  Instead of white sand, they used black slag in the bunkers. Slag is a by-product from the copper smeltering process. 

anaconda_upper works historic trail_2

Behind the golf course, on the hill is the 585 foot brick smoke stack, which is one of the tallest free-standing brick structures in the world. 

I also went to the Warm Springs State Wildlife Management Area to do some bird watching a couple of times.  I didn’t see anything that I had not seen before, but I enjoyed watching the ducks in their daily activities.

Feeding their young -- 

It was interesting watching the parent dive for food then bring it back for the young duck.

Gathering material to build a nest --

Gathering the large family for a family outing???--

Lost Creek State park is a local park that I visited.  There is a very short trail to a small waterfall, but what I found more interesting were the rock cliffs.  Notice the one below --

I did a bit of research after I saw this and all I found was that this is a granitic dike.  Every time I see something like this I wonder what happened thousands of years ago to cause this intrusion into the rocks. 

In this area, there are some towns with interesting names.  I saw the following sign and had to go there to see if I got smarter!! --

Shortly after that, there is another --

Since the drive through Wisdom didn’t seem to work, I didn’t try a drive through Opportunity!!

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  1. Lol.... was it a lost opportunity? I so love just exploring.... That was quite a huge smoke stack!! It looks pretty lonely on the hill now.