Saturday, August 31, 2013

Columbia Falls, MT (Glacier National Park)–Part 3

Note, I am posting 3 blogs today – all about my stay in Columbia Falls. 

I visited Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park one day. This park is adjacent to Glacier National Park and together they form the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park. Just after crossing the border I saw a bear just a few feet from the road. I haven’t decided if it was a grizzly or a black bear (which aren’t always black). It seems to have the hump of a grizzly and maybe the ears of a black bear (they are more pointed than on a grizzly). If it was a grizzly it was a young grizzly.



Maybe somebody who knows more about bears can tell me which it is.

More scenery on the road, I think just before the Canadian border --


At Waterton, I decided to take a boat tour. Views from the boat -




The clearing in the middle of the picture is the border of Canada and the US. The boat trip started in Canada, went into the US, where we made a quick stop and then back into Canada.

On the way back, I took a picture of The Prince of Wales Hotel. It is said to be one of the most photographed hotels in the North America. As I’m not into buildings, I included more of the background than the hotel --


After the boat trip, I visited Cameron Falls. This pretty falls is just beside the road so very little walking was involved.


After sitting all day either in the car or the boat, I wanted to walk around a bit, so I headed to Red Rock Canyon in the Park.

I started by hiking the trail around the canyon. The picture below was taken from a bridge over the canyon. You can see the walking trails on each side of the small canyon.


While walking the trails, I wondered if you could get down in the canyon and then I saw several groups of people in the canyon. I eventually found a place to climb down, so I did.




The further I walked up the canyon the closer the walls came together. I had to cross the creek many times and in several places including the one above there was no way to not get your feet wet. I quit trying to figure out how to keep my shoes dry and just started walking thru the middle of the creek.

From Columbia Falls, I headed south slowly making my way to Colorado Springs (where I am now).  My next stop after Columbia Falls was Anaconda, Mt.  I’ll blog about that in a few days. 

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