Sunday, September 2, 2012

Houghton, MI -


No Surprise, I am way behind in my blog!  I stayed at Houghton RV Park the month of July.  I stayed at this same park last year, but only for a few days.  Since I liked the area, I decided to stay a month this time.  One of my favorite activities was just relaxing by the river and watching all of the activity along the river (including a small cruise ship).

Below is a picture I took from inside my RV of sunset. 

For most of the month I was in one of the few spots with trees.  Unfortunately, some type of sap was falling and I quickly had sap spots on my RV.  I talked to the folks who manage the park for the city and ended up moving to another spot the last few days of the month where I washed my RV.  It wasn’t too bad as we had rain several days and most of the sap had washed off.  The picture below was taken from my second RV spot.

Below is the small cruise ship that docked for the night just a short distance from the RV park.

I drove up the Keweenaw Peninsula a couple of times and visited Fort Wilkins State Park (one of the places I stayed last year).  Below is the lighthouse in Lake Superior at Fort Wilkins.

One of many scenic spots along the lake.

While relaxing beside the river I noticed an activity that I had never seen.  After looking it up on the internet, I found out it’s called Wake Surfing.  It was interesting to watch.

This trip, I visited several small county/city parks along Lake Superior.  One of them was a bit different than the others.  It had darker and much coarser sand than the other sand beaches.  That made it nice because it didn’t stick to everything.

Just about every day, I walked and/or rode my bike on the 4-mile path through Houghton.  It began at the RV park and the paved part ended at Nara Nature Park.  Many days, I rode my bike to the Nature Park and walked a couple of miles, then rode back to the campground – A great way to start the day.  Below are pictures of Nara Boardwalk Trail and Nara Nature Trail.  The third picture is part of the bike trail. 

After 4 miles, the trail turned to a dirt path.  Several times I rode several more miles on the dirt trail.  It is a great trail – both paved and unpaved!!

Last year, I enjoyed Canyon Falls very much so I went back and had a great hike.

On one of my last days, we had another great sunset.  This is a picture of my neighbor fishing off his deck. 

From here I headed to Wakefield, MI. 

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  1. Hi Pam...
    Where is Houghton, MI? Ed and I have been traveling up the west coast of Michigan staying in State Parks. This weekend, Labor Day, we are in Interlochen SP. We haven't decided on whether we want to get in the traffic leaving today or wait until tomorrow to leave. We are headed up to Mackinaw City to the Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground recommended by Ed Daniels. The weather here has been gorgeous! Better than staying in Alabama for Isaac! Jeanne