Monday, September 3, 2012

Wakefield and Iron River, WI

The first week in August, I stayed at Eddy Park Campground.  Last year while in the Upper Peninsula, I saw this campground from the road and thought it looked interesting.  Many of the RV spots are directly on Sunday Lake, mine was not.  It was an ok campground, but not great! 

I did enjoy walking around the lake most mornings, I think it was almost 3 miles.  One of the main reasons that I stayed here is that Porcupine Mountains State Park was not too far from Wakefield and last year I enjoyed hiking in this park.  One of my favorite hikes in the area is along the Presque Isle River.  If you looked at my blog last year some of these pictures may seem familiar.  I didn’t take as many pictures this year as I can just go back and look at the August 5, 2011 blog if I need a reminder of what it looks like. 

I love the way the water has eroded the rocks in this area.

A couple of the waterfalls along the hike-

In case you forget where you are, many of the benches have a porcupine etched into them.

In one of the small towns close by, I got a laugh out of this sign. 


You know you are in a small town, when the local Chinese restaurant also has “Authentic Mexican Food” on the menu!

I also went to a small park along Lake Superior called Little Girls Point and enjoyed the rocks along the shore.

I found a small beach I liked just on the edge of the State Park.  It was a bit warm, but I found a spot that was shaded part of the time.  I also enjoyed sitting on one of the large rocks by the shore watching the water.

From Wakefield, I headed down to Iron River, MI and camped at Iron River RV Park for a few days.  This is another place I stayed last year.  Once again, I enjoyed walking and biking the trail next to the park.  I also went back to several waterfalls and trails that I did last year.  My favorite is Bond falls.

I love Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  It is not only beautiful, but also much cooler than most of the U.S. this time of year.  From here, I headed to Lake Wissota State Park in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 


  1. We did the UP, Wisconsin and Minnesota including the Boundary Waters and Isle Royale and loved them all. It's wonderful to revisit places you've enjoyed before. It's nice to know your way around. Porcupine Mountain State Park looks lovely. Is there some reason you did not stay there again??

    1. There were 2 reasons I didn't stay at Porcupine Mtn St. Park this time. 1 - I wanted a more central location. I figured I would only visit the park 2 times, and had a few other things in the area that I wanted to do. Wakefield was a bit more centrally located for me. 2 - My favorite campground in the Porkies is the non-hookup campground near Presque Isle River. It was a bit warm for me to go without air conditioning. The other campground is very crowded for a state park. I would definitely stay here again if I go back in the Spring or Fall. Actually a third reason is Michigan charges a $8.00 a day fee for both car and RV. Last year I stayed at so many state parks, I just got an annual pass for both vehicles. This year I only stayed at one state park, so I paid the $8.00 per day. I haven't done much in Minnesota yet, maybe in a couple of years I will come back and do that.