Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas in Clayton, GA

I left Sanibel Island on Dec. 24 and got to Clayton on Dec. 25.  My mom and I ate at the local Mexican restaurant (one of just a few open restaurants) on Christmas.  We had our family Christmas get together several days later.  My mom does a lot of decorating for Christmas.  

At our family Christmas I met my nephew’s kid for the first time, I’m not sure does that make him my great nephew? The kid’s dad is the one making the goofy face, his eye’s aren’t normally crossed!!

The next day some of the family went on a walk.  Actually some walked down Tallulah Gorge, but I didn’t want to walk 600+ steps back up so I went with the group that just walked around the gorge.

My mom and nephew leading the way -

Testing the suspension on the suspension bridge -

A day or so later it snowed a bit, but we only got 1/4 – 1/2 inches.  Not near like what we had in 2011.   I drove just up the road from my campground and went to a waterfall.

In the close-up below, you can just make out the icicles on the side of the waterfall. (look on the right side of the waterfall). 

From Clayton, I slowly made my way down to Fort DeSoto Park in Tierra Verde (close to St. Augustine).


  1. I like the pics Pam. Interesting picture of Matt.

  2. Lots of great pix Pam. Hope you're enjoying the warm Florida winter. I too expect to explore the southwest coast of Florida when I hit the road. You might want to correct the typo at the end. Tierra Verde is next to St.Petersburg, not St.Augustine (different coast). Have fun!