Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jamestown, TN and Big South Fork (part two)

I was in this area while it was hot, thank goodness I am staying at a place with electricity!  The air conditioner is working overtime.   I would try to hike in the mornings so when it was at it’s hottest, I was not outside.

Big South Fork is large park.  I had to drive more than an hour to get to a couple of places I wanted to go to.  But it was worth it.  One of those places was Yahoo falls.  This is another fall where the water runs over a rock overhang and the trail goes behind the falls.


What appears to be a ray of light is actually the waterfall, not much water this time of year.


It’s kind of hard to tell how large these rocks are, but you can see the trail goes under the rock overhang in the picture above.

Another trail I hiked was to Split Bow Arch.  The trail I was on approached this one from the back side and had several stair cases to get you down through the arch.  It was a fun place, but hard to get good pictures.



I also visited Colditz Cove Natural Area.  I almost did not go to this area, but on my last day in the area I decided to try it and I’m glad I did.

The trail -

The falls and rock shelter -

For a bit the trail coming out of the overhang was a bit short.  I’m 5’10 and I’m guessing the overhang was about 5 feet where the trail was.  After I got out of the overhang, I noticed that I could have scrambled over the rocks and gotten to a better area – live and learn!!

One day I went to Cumberland Falls and did a bit of walking.  james_cumberland_1


Cumberland Falls is known for having a Moonbow on nights with a full moon.  I was not there at night, but got a picture with a rainbow when the sun decided to pop out from behind the clouds.

On another day, I went to Fall Creek Falls State Park.  I didn’t hike much because it was too hot.  Hopefully I’ll make it back some day when it’s cooler. 

I really like this area and will probably come back some day.  I did look at the campground in Big South Fork and it looks good.  Many fairly level spots and electricity at some of them. 

Next I head to Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky. 


  1. That sure is some beautiful country. So glad you show us the sites in pictures. How close can you get to these areas in your LD rig? I'm hoping to go toadless, so just wondering. Keep posting as I love to see and hear about your travels.

  2. Dave - Many of the places I visit you could go to in a RV (state parks especially). There are some where there are only 3 or 4 places to park and I don't think an RV would be a good idea. Quite often these places are down a dirt road - sometimes they would be ok, other times I wouldn't want to take my RV down the road. I went toadless when I had my camper van and I just didn't like having to break camp whenever I wanted to go anywhere. But I know people do it and I think it would be just a matter of figuring out where you can go and even learning where to camp so you have more things to do within walking or biking distance from your RV. Another thought is to go toadless and then occasionally rent a car to get to places you can't go in the RV.

  3. Thanks Pam, that's really helpful info. Hope you're enjoying your LD and the RV life.