Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Columbus Belmont State Park

My plans after leaving the Memphis area were to head north along the Mississippi.  Because of the flood, my plans changed.  So I headed to Columbus Belmont State Park in Kentucky for a few days.  This area played a role in the Civil War and has several historical displays.  But the main reason I went was to relax!

My morning walk consisted of walking beside the Mississippi, thru the campground and around some historical stuff.  I’m not really into history, but found some of it interesting.

This canon was made around 1840 and could shoot up to 1.5 miles!  In the afternoon I walked again and relaxed on the swing that was between my RV and the Mississippi. 

In the evening I again relaxed and enjoyed the sunset.  Have I mentioned recently that I really like retirement!!!!

From here, I went to the Land Between the Lakes, but only stayed a couple of days.  Part of the area was closed due to flooding and storm damage.  I had looked forward to visiting this area, but I really didn’t find it that interesting.  So I ended up with a week and no plans.  I decided to go to the Smokies, one of my favorite places.  I’ll post about it in my next blog.

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