Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deming, NM and Tucson, AZ

Once again I’m playing catch up on the blog.  I left Port Aransas, TX and took the long journey across Texas.  That is a huge state! Did you know there were still places with a speed limit of 80?  Trucks have a slightly less limit.  I try to keep it around 60, needless to say I was passed a lot!

I finally arrived in Deming, NM for a quick break in driving.  I stayed in town so that I could visit 2 different state parks.  I went to City of Rocks and Rockhound State Parks. 

City of Rocks is a neat park.  I stayed here before in my Van and camped beside the rocks.  The rocks range in size from tiny to 40 ft tall. If you look closely at the right hand side, about half way down you will see 2 people.  That gives you an idea of the size of these rocks.  There isn’t really a trail, you just wander around.  I love it here!!

I remember this rock from my previous trip and it still amazes me.  As you can see it sits on a small section on the left hand side  (behind the grass) and then sits on a small rock in the center. 

Rockhound is one of the few parks where you can actually collect rocks. You can find jasper, agates and common opals  at the park.  I only kept one rock this trip!

Once in Tucson, I stayed at Gilbert Ray Campground. This campground is in the middle of the desert.   There were 5 other Lazy Daze RV’s in the park.  I’ve never seen that many, except at a get together for people who own Lazy Daze RVs.  I knew one couple and meet some of the others.   I got some great tips on campgrounds for the future (I’m at one now,  Lake Cahuilla, Thanks for the info!)


I love the saguaro cactus (or cacti?) and the other plants.  I went on a nature walk in the campground and I got to taste the fruit of the Barrel cactus.  It tasted like a sour Kiwi. 

From here, I’m headed to Aguanga, CA where I will get the annual service/maintenance done on my RV by The RV Guy.  They are the same ones who installed my solar panels and a few other things back in June.  Before getting there I camped over night in a casino!  This is my first time “blacktop” camping experience in the Lazy Daze RV.  Some Casinos let RV’s stay for free.  This particular one charges $5.00 for 1,2 or 3 nights.  I meet a couple who were staying there a month.  I’m not a fan of camping in a parking lot., but it was ok for an overnight, cheap stay.  Note the casino sign behind the other RV. 

Next will be California!

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