Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pomona and San Diego

I stayed at the KOA in Pomona, CA the 4th of July weekend because it is only 10 – 15 minutes from the Lazy Daze factory.  I had been warned that the sites were close together, but wow I have never seen them this close.  I literally could have leaned out my drivers side window and shared dinner with the people next door to me eating at their picnic table.  Anyway, it is convenient to the LD factory and the good news is that it is right next door to the Fairplex where they hold various events.  They had fireworks on the 4th, so all I had to do to see the show was walk to the edge of the campground.   I took pictures using my new camera.  I failed to bring a tripod – I should know better than

fireworks 640 x 480

that – I’ve taken quite a few photography classes.  But the pictures didn’t turn out too bad.  The main give away is that it was close to a full moon and you can see the camera shake by the moon.

I dropped my RV off Monday morning to have the dent and a few other things fixed, then I drove to San Diego.  The weather is great here.  High 70’s to low 80’s during the day.  It’s just about perfect, especially after all those 100 + days. 

Today I went to the San Diego zoo.  This is one of my favorite zoo’s, in addition to the great animals they are also considered a botanical garden.  bird w blue head 640 x 480

 koala 640 x 480




panda 640 x 480




And watch out for those lions!!!!!

lion warning



I did get a good laugh at a couple of parents explaining to their 5 – 6 year old why 2 Bonobos (pygmy chimps) were “wrestling”.  No pictures, I don’t want to be accused of distributing porn!

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