Thursday, July 23, 2009

A castle, a hole in the ground and a few repeats

The last few days, I’ve definitely done the tourist thing in Williams.  I ended up going back to the Grand Canyon on 2 different days, one of them was rainy and I had hoped to get a picture of the canyon with some lightening in it, but I wasn’t quick enough.  I also went back to Sedona to do a bit more hiking.  It was also a rainy, overcast day.  But the red rocks were still great!gc 2 640 x 480

sedona 2 640 x 480

One day I went to Meteor Crater, which is basically a hole in the ground.  The crater is about 570 feet deep and .75 miles in diameter – in others words it is a big hole!  The visitor center was interesting with all kinds of info on Meteors. 

meteor crater 640 x 480That same day, I went to Montezuma Castle National monument.  It was rather interesting.  They believe the “castle” was a 20 room apartment and it is 4 stories high.  Just getting inside would be a chore.

castle 640 x 480 

I’m currently in Bernalillo, NM. It’s basically a suburb of Albuquerque.   I toured Old Town Albuquerque today.  It is mainly shops – I wasn’t there long!   For lunch, I ate at “The Range Cafe” in Bernalillo, NM.   I had one of the best meals that I have had while starting this adventure.    I might go back in a couple of days.

David asked me to write more information about living in my RV.  I don’t know how long it will take to get used to this, but I have a lot to still organize and a lot to learn.  I still have things under the dinette table, although I can now sit at the table.  I also have some things on the dinette seats.    I haven’t yet gotten a schedule like I had in my “Sticks ‘n Bricks” house.    Such as when to clean, what to clean…  I am finding that I sweep and mop much more, but that takes me just a few minutes since it’s so small.   I also need to work on a schedule for maintaining the RV – there is a lot that must be done to it.   Simple things like cleaning the air conditioner vents needs to be done every couple of weeks.  I have been in very dusty places recently so I’m guessing that’s why I need to do it this often. 

Tomorrow I’m headed for another National Monument and I am going to travel the Turquoise Scenic byway. 


  1. Hi Pam,
    You're kind of close to Andy, who was last at Cochiti Lake, NM; about 30 miles from Bernalillo. Have you thought about meeting up?

    I did a painting of a mountain that sort of looks like a pyramid in the area of Antonito (I think). It's on the left shortly after crossing the border into CO. I seem to remember a nice pull-off near the Brazos. It's a beautiful area... enjoy!
    LD Wannabe

  2. hi pam! it's me, your cousin, donna! :-) i am really enjoying your travels and oh, your experiences have been wonderful!!! stay safe and keep posting. i am such an animal and nature lover, so needless to say, i have been fascinated with the pix and always look for whatever info you give for me to learn more about what i am seeing. take care, God keep you safe, and thanks for letting us travel along, too! love, donna