Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm now a Full-time RVer!!!!

I haven't written much on the blog because I was moving.  My house closed May 22.  They gave me a few days after that to move and I handed the keys over on May 28th.  I never want to move again!!!  Too much work, too many decisions - Store, Give away or sell, or take with me in the RV.

I have too much in the RV.  Actually I weighed it and I'm about 1400 lbs below the max weight, but I don't have room for many of my items.  Right now I have books sitting in the walkway between the sofa and some clothes sitting on the sofa that I don't use. But at  least it is now an organized mess.  For the first couple of days, I couldn't sit on either of the sofa's and only had one place at the table where I could sit. 

Anyway, I'm slowly making progress on getting it somewhat organized.  My first few nights, I spent at Hard Labor Creek State Park, which was only about 30 minutes from where I used to live.  For the most part I was organizing the RV, but I did take a bit of time to relax and walk around the campground.  They have a couple of nature trails, which I'll try if I make it back there again.

I'm now in Dillard, GA at River Vista RV resort.  I typically stay at Moccasin Creek State Park when I'm up in the GA mountains, but by the time I tried to make reservations the weekend was already booked.  So I went for the more expensive "resort".  They do have a pool which I may check out.  My mom lives about 15 minutes from here, so we will visit for a while before I head up into Tennessee next week.

I have an appointment to get my RV fixed (where the tree jumped out and hit my RV) on July 6th at the Lazy Daze plant.  So I have a little more than a month to make my way across the country.  When I bought the RV, I did it in 5 days - 5 weeks sounds much better.

More on full timing later --


  1. Great to hear all went as planned Pam. Fitting name of the camp where you had to sort things out. Sounds like you have much culling yet to do. Enjoy the time with your Mom. I look forward to reading about your full-time adventures.

    met you at the SELD GTG

  2. Congratulations! Got books stacked everywhere, huh? Sounds like it is time to get an ebook reader. ;)