Saturday, June 13, 2009

I finally left home (Georgia that is)

Just a quick note to touch base with everyone.  My plans changed and I stayed in the Georgia mountains a bit longer than I had planned.  Today, I left Georgia and I am currently in Alabama.  Tomorrow I’ll head out and I think I’m going to go to the Escapees park in Summerdale before heading to Livingston, Texas.  Depending on the weather I might stay there a couple of days.  It’s not far from the beach and while I wouldn’t go to the beach during the summer (too hot and too many people), since I’m going to be there I might take advantage of it.

Today, I’m staying in Montgomery, AL at The Woods RV park.  At a quick glance, it’s not bad for an overnight stay.  It’s your typical campground that is close to the expressway, but it does have wi-fi and good cable channels.  The best thing is it’s on Passport America’s list (a discount camping club), so it only cost me $15.00.  I’m trying to stay at cheaper places, so Passport America comes in handy.

I’m curious how other RV’ers handle bad weather.  Yesterday in Dillard, we had a Thunder Storm warning, with possibly winds of 50 – 70 MPH.  Well, I don’t want to be in my RV if a 70 MPH wind hits so I went to the Pavilion/restrooms.  I seemed to be the only person who knew we were under a weather warning.  It ended up not being too bad, but does make me think about bad weather. 



  1. Hi Pam,
    We actually got a motel room once when we were camping near Tuscaloosa in our Chalet pop-up. The ranger came around warning people of the tornado watch which was to last all night. We decided we didn't want to spend that much time in the restroom so we folded down the camper and left. Turned out not to be very bad, but we would have been much safer if it had been. Don't know what we would do now, since the LD is our home and we have the 2 cats.
    Hope you're having fun so far.

  2. Glad to hear you are on your way. Others have said both SKP parks are nice and convenient. I expect the prudent thing to do when bad weather approaches is to move on and away from the path. After all, your home has wheels for a reason. Keep us informed of your progres.