Friday, February 17, 2017

End of 2016–Georgia

After having a great time in Virginia, I headed to Georgia to visit family, friends and doctors!  As I usually do, I stayed at Fort Yargo state park for a couple of weeks in November.   Then I headed to the north Georgia mountains and stayed in Dillard while visiting  my mom in mid – late November.

I was in Dillard when the South East had a lot of wildfires and a couple of the fires were too close!  One of the fires was 6 – 8 miles away from my RV park so we had a good bit of smoke depending on the wind.  Another fire was not far from my mom’s condo.

Sunrise, but this is smoke not fog!

dillard_fire (1024x768)

Sunset, again not fog!

dillard_fire3 (1024x683)

The wind was keeping the smoke away from my side of the road!!

dillard_fire2 (1024x768)

They used helicopters to get water from a lake and drop it over some of the fires.  This was taken out of my mothers sunroof as we were driving down the road.

dillard_clayton-heli (1024x768)

For a couple of weeks in December, I went back to Jekyll Island.  This is a campground that is not one of my favorites, but I love the area so I put up with the campground!

While there, they had an extremely high tide.

jekyll_high_tide (1024x683)

jekyll_high_tide2 (1024x683)

On some of my bike rides I saw several Hooded Mergansers, both male and female.

jekyll_merg_view (1024x683)

jekyll_merg1 (1024x683)

jekyll_merg2 (1024x683)

Bridge on the bike path -

jekyll_path (1024x683)

Another bridge on a foggy day -

jekyll_path1 (1024x768)

Skimmers, one of my favorite sea birds, taking a bath. 

jekyll_skimmers (1024x768)

After Jekyll, I headed back to Dillard where we had a family gathering for Christmas.

Wow, I am late but I finally finished up 2016.  In Jan and Feb of 2017 I am visiting state parks along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida and Alabama.  I am currently in Topsail Hill Preserve state park where it is  65 degrees, so as soon as I post this blog I am going to bike to the beach.  

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