Sunday, May 22, 2016

Townsend, TN & Dillard, GA

While my RV was in the shop, I went to Townsend, TN April 12 - 14.  On my drive there, I saw something unusual.

townsend_weinermobileThe weinermobile driving thru Great Smokey Mountain National Park!

I walked the Little River Trail a couple of times.  At the beginning of the trail are the remains of some old vacation homes and cabins.  Below is one that is close to the trail with some yellow trillium in front.


A Jack in the Pulpit -


Squaw Root -


Showy Orchid – Most of the Showy Orchids were not quite open, but I found some that were.



Yellow Trillium and moss -


2 types of trilliums -


The nature trail in the Chimneys Picnic area is known for wildflowers, so one day I headed over there. 

The trail with a bunch of trillium -


Dutchmen’s Britches -


Squirrel Corn – townsend_chimneys_trl_squirrel_cornFringed Phacelia – There were areas that were carpeted with white fringed phacelia.  The ones below were light purple.


Spring Beauty - townsend_chimneys_trl_spring_beauty

From Townsend, I went back to Georgia and picked my RV up and then headed to Dillard to visit my mom for a while.

One day I hiked the 2 rim trails at Tallulah Gorge State Park.  The Mountain Laurel were blooming and I have always liked them.



Fringed Polygala - dillard_tallulah_gorge1

From Dillard, I start my journey to Michigan where I will spend most of the summer.  Of course I will take my time stopping several places on the way.

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