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Houghton, MI - 62

I spent the month of July on the waterfront at Houghton RV Park.  I really like Upper Peninsula of Michigan and especially enjoy this area and have stayed at this park several times.  Most days, I walked and biked and then either went hiking, shopping or just relaxed beside the canal. 

Most of the places I went I have blogged about before so I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do.  If you are interested in the area, you can look at the blogs I posted in August of 2011 by clicking on the links to the right or here Travelingwpam blogs for August 2011 

Of course I have to post some pictures!!  One of my favorite hikes in the area is Canyon Falls. 

Above is the falls and a look up into the gorge. 

One of my first sightseeing days, I went up into the Keweenaw Peninsula.  I stopped at Brunette Park, a park I had found really interesting several years ago.  But it was quite different, the rocks I had found so interesting were not to be seen.  I later heard that Lake Superior was about a foot higher than normal, so I figured that the rocks were covered up with water.  I went back a couple of weeks later and realized that was the case.   The first picture below is the one I took this year, the second picture I took in 2011 and called the rocks “bacon like”.  

While at Brunette park, I kept hearing a bird calling and finally saw him/her about 20 feet above my car.  I think it was trying to scare me away or else let others know I was around.  It appeared to be a young bird, but I don’t know what type.


One day, I drove up to Copper Harbor.  I walked around town some and also went to a hiking trail that I had not been to before, Hunter’s Point.  The first picture below was taken at the point, the one below that was view just off the trail.

Most mornings I walked 4 to 5 miles on the paved trail that led from the park to Nara Nature trails.

houghton bridge fog

On my second or third day in Houghton, I biked the 4 miles to the Nara Nature Trails.  I planned on walking both boardwalks.  But as I started walking the first one I saw the boardwalks were damaged. 

As you can see in the picture above one side of this part of the boardwalk had partially collapsed and this was one of the not-so-bad ones.  The first few I saw, I walked carefully on the non-collapsed side, then after 4 or 5 of these I came to one that had fallen on both sides.  I decided that I didn’t know if I could trust the boardwalk so I turned around.  I found out that all the snow they had this winter and the heavy spring run-off damaged the boardwalks.  Luckily for me they started repairing these just a few days after my first walk and I was able to enjoy them the last couple of weeks I was in Houghton.

One day I drove out to Porcupine Mountain State Park to hike the East and West River Trail that I have enjoyed so much in the past.  Below are several pictures I took while hiking this trail.  I really like this loop because you get to see the waterfalls from both sides of the river.  Again, more pictures of this area can be found in the August 2011 blogs.


When I was driving to the state park, I noticed a sign that I found so interesting that I saved it on my GPS so that I could take a picture of it when I was headed home.

I’m not sure what it means, aliens abducting cows or maybe it is a drone taking pictures of the cows?????

A sunset picture taken from my site--

From Houghton, I went to Iron River, Michigan where I currently am for the month of August. 

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