Saturday, July 5, 2014

Grand Marais, Mi

My first stop in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was at Woodland Park in Grand Marais.  I stayed here a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the area, so I thought I would try it again.  Unfortunately this trip the bugs were very bad.  I was there for 9 days and I only sat outside 2 of those days and not for long either time. 

I usually just put bug spray on and go hiking or whatever, but for some reason the bugs really got to me (physically{bites} and mentally) and I just didn’t want to do much hiking.

For regular readers of my blog this may seem like a repeat as everything I did this trip I did when I was here before!  But I did see a few different things. 

I enjoyed the walk to Sable Falls, which is part of Pictured Rocks National Seashore.  The walk from my campground was about a mile on the Lake Superior shore and then a very short walk into the woods.  The mosquitoes were so bad in the woods that I walked in quickly took a few pictures and walked back out.  They were not as bad on the shore.

I also visited Seney National Wildlife Refuge, where I saw quite a few babies.  Including some baby swans (below), baby ducks and baby Sandhill Cranes --

I only saw a few Loons this trip and they were far away.  But I did get to hear them, which is an amazing sound!

Once or twice a day, I walked 2.5+ miles to the coast guard station.  On one of my trips I saw a man pushing a bike out of the garage, then I realized it was not just a bike--

It’s a mower cycle, at least that’s what I’m calling it.  I was hoping he would be outside when I walked by on the way back because I wanted to know if it worked, but he wasn’t. 

I took a trip to the other side of Pictured Rocks where I had to go to the main overlook and get a shot of Miners Castle. I attempted a hike to Miner Falls, but the bugs chased me back to my car!!

From Grand Marais, I headed to Houghton, MI where I am staying the month of July.  By the way, there are very few mosquitoes here!!!


  1. Glad to hear the bugs aren't too bad. We're headed that way at the end of next week. Just got done battling mosquitoes while camping near Munising a few days ago.

  2. I loved Woodland Park and Grand Marais. We never made it to Seny but it's at the top of my list for "next time". I'll be very interested in what you do in Houghton. We drove through there on our way to Copper Harbor which we really liked.