Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Cypress National Preserve, FL

I stayed at the Midway Campground in Big Cypress National Preserve Feb. 6 – 12.  I choose this campground because it is very close to Shark Valley, one of my favorite places in the Everglades.   This is a nice National Park campground, but for those who have been there before be aware that they have changed.  They now take reservations so while I was there people who were expecting a first-come, first-serve campground were turned away as they were full with reservations.  Also the price went up quite a bit from last year. 

While there, I rode the 15 mile loop at Shark Valley 5 times.  It was a great way to start the day.  I saw quite a few alligators, with several of them on the path and a couple actually blocking the way (well I thought they were!).

I had stopped about 20 – 30 feet from the alligator above debating if I was going to go around him when the quy in the picture just zoomed right past him.  I had decided to go for it, when the gator decided to move.

Most mornings were foggy or very cloudy, but I enjoyed it because it was cooler!  One day it was a very light drizzle to very heavy fog--


While at Shark Valley, I watched some baby Anhingas grow.  At least I think they grew in the week I was there. 

There were a good many Black Crowned Night-Herons this year.  This one seemed to be looking for breakfast.

I saw several Purple Gallinules, including the one below that got the yellow flower and then started eating it. 

I just about missed the American Bittern as I rode by, he is hidden very well since his coloring is a good camouflage.

I also drove down the Loop Road in the Big Cypress Preserve several times. It was a great place to sightsee and spend a couple of hours.    I enjoy looking at the swampy areas  --

From the road, I spotted the flowers below and later found out that they are Alligator Lilies--

Many of the Bromeliad were blooming as in the one below that the egret is looking at --

Green Heron --

From the road, I spotted the reflection  below but the foliage was so thick I couldn’t see the bird. 

From here, I head to Miami for a few days before heading into the Everglades – Flamingo area. 

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  1. Love Big Cypress. Great pictures. Have you ever taken the swamp walk with a ranger from Oasis VC? Or hiked the Florida Trail going south from there. Really wonderful.