Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tucson–Catalina State Park

As mentioned in my last blog, on the way to Catalina State Park I stopped by a RV shop to have them check out the solar panel.  I thought I had an appointment, but there was a problem so I ended up having to go to another place (Lazy Days).  They had to squeeze me in, so even though the actual work only took 1/2 hour, I had to wait a while.  I got out of there about 2:00 and headed to Catalina State Park, where I stayed for the last week in March. 

While there, most mornings I started with a hike.  I really enjoyed the Canyon Loop Trail, which was only 2.5 miles.  Some mornings I added an additional small hike just to walk a bit more.

Below are pictures from my hikes, with the first being a shot made while the sun was not quite above the mountains (I started my hikes some mornings about 7:00 a.m.)

The above picture is of the wash that I crossed each day.  This was taken in the middle of the week.  At the beginning of the week all of the rocks were in the water, but the end of the week there was no water.  It dried up quickly!  Below is another creek/wash that I found interesting.  Seeing water in desert was strange, but made for a few different plants and animals in the area.

Below is my RV in the campground and the moon rising over the mountains--

One day, I visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  I have been here several times before, but still enjoyed it.  The museum is about all life – plants and animals in the desert, but for some reason I didn’t take many pictures of the plants.  They have a good hummingbird habitat, below is one on her nest.

A Prairie Dog in the exhibit at the museum --

And a barn owl -

I visited the Saguaro National Park a couple of days and did a bit of hiking and a couple of scenic drives.

One day, I was hiking one of the trails in Catalina State Park and saw a Scrub Jay.   I didn’t have my good camera, but my small one did a pretty good job.  It’s interesting comparing the different Jays that I have seen in the last couple of months. 

My next stop is Casa Grande, AZ.  I’ll blog about that soon.

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  1. I had been told about Patagonia, but not heard of Catalina. Looks like some spectacular camping to check out the next time I'm out that way. Love hearing about your travels and RV living experiences (troubles and all). Makes me all the more eager to get on the road myself.