Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Casa Grande, AZ

I had originally planned on spending a few nights in one of Maricopa County’s campgrounds around Phoenix.  Based on reviews (online and friends), they have some really nice campgrounds.  But I decided to spend one night between Tucson and Phoenix at a campground that had full hookups.  In looking for a place, I found a FHU place in Casa Grande, with a Passport America price of $12.00.  At that price I decided to go ahead and spend 3 nights there.  There isn’t really much to do in Casa Grande, but it wasn’t too far from the Apache Trail (scenic drive) and I found out they had a Rubio’s (great fish tacos) and I hadn’t eaten at a Rubio’s in a couple of years. 

So other than laundry, errands and eating fish tacos (twice) the only thing I did while in Casa Grande was the Apache Trail scenic drive. 

The above are the Superstition Mountain taken from the Lost Dutchman State Park entrance.

It was in Jim and Gayle’s blog where I first read about the giant asparagus.  Jim and Gayle's blog about the giant asparagus   They were right, they do look like a big asparagus!! But in comparing plants, it looks like they may not be the same thing.  Who knows!!

From here, I head to Cottonwood, AZ (near Sedona).  By the way, I am about 2 blogs behind.  I didn’t have good PC connection at my last place (Bluff, UT), so I wrote the blogs and hope to post one a day until I catch up.  I am currently in Moab, UT where we had a couple of inches of snow this morning (I will post a couple of pictures in my Moab blog).  In addition, I have a slight cold so I decided I would stay in today and catch up on a few things!

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  1. It certainly sounds like you went to Utah too soon. We're having high winds and blowing dust in Deming. Just can't have perfect weather all the time!