Monday, December 5, 2011

Catching up–The drive from Michigan to Georgia

I am very behind in blogging so I am going to attempt to catch up with one post. (It seems like I always start these blogs with “I’m behind in blogging”)

From Michigan, I headed to Mountain View, Arkansas for a regional Lazy Daze Get Together.  Before going there, I took a detour in Indiana and went to the RV/Motorhome Museum.

Above is a 1931 Model AA Ford Housecar, below is the interior.

As I have stated before, I don’t typically go for museums, but this one was worth it for those of us into RVing.

After a stop or 2, I made it to Mountain View for the Get Together.  We had more than 20 Lazy Daze RVs from the 3 different Lazy Daze groups.  It was held at the Sylamore Creek Campground.

Views from the campground--

I enjoyed hiking a couple of times at nearby Blanchard Springs. 

From Arkansas, I headed to Memphis.  Last time I was in Memphis I decided not to go to Graceland, but after talking with some folks at the Get Together I decided to give it a try.  I enjoyed it, except that I kept humming Elvis songs all afternoon.

The house was not as big as I expected, but the interior was a bit too much for me.

One of many wall of Gold records and other awards -

Elvis and family graves (and crowds)

From Memphis I headed to Huntsville, AL.  While there I stayed at Mont Sano State Park.  From my campsite I could not get phone or internet service.  But a quick walk to the overlook before gave me great service.


While in Huntsville, I visited the U.S. Space and Rocket Center for a few hours.

Apollo 16 Command module -

Gemini Suit -

Saturn 5 Rocket -


Then I headed to Winder, GA for a week, where I stayed at Fort Yargo State Park.  I have stayed at this park several times in the past. 

As soon as I got there, I noticed an unwelcome visitor -

While I like birds, I didn’t like this one pecking on my mirrors and dirtying up my car.  I ended up putting bags over my RV exterior mirrors so the bird would not peck at them.


I had never walked around the lake at Ft. Yargo, it is a 7 mile hike and became my daily walk while there.


On the walk (or you can drive to it), I passed this 1793 log blockhouse which was part of Fort Yargo.  Also behind the blockhouse was an interesting beehive oven.

After Winder, I headed to Mountain City, GA.   I stayed a month visiting with my mom, going to doctor appointments and visiting friends.  My mom and I went hiking a couple of times to Tallulah Gorge and were surprised to learn that they were letting the water thru the dam, so the kayakers and rafters were going down the river (they only do this a few times each year).  We enjoyed watching them. 


If you remember the last time I was in GA, was when the tornadoes hit and did a lot of damage in several states.  We drove around Lake Burton (or is it Lake Rabun – I get the 2 confused) and looked at the damage and construction (or reconstruction – depending on the damage to the home). The picture below is the remains of a house that blew down the hill and into the garage. 

While there, my mom showed me what she bought for her Shih Tzu – Gabi, a Christmas dress!  Other than coats to keep her warm, I think this is her first outfit.

Well, that is the Condensed version of my trip from Michigan to Georgia.  While in GA, we had several nights that got below freezing – I don’t like it that cold. So for most of December, I am in warmer weather.  

I am currently on Sanibel Island in SW Florida, where it was 80 degrees today!  I’ll blog about this later.


  1. Wow what a whirlwind trip I just took with you. You covered a lot of ground and did a lot of things in how much time??

    I really do have to know how you do the Sanibel thing. Every time I read about it in your posts from the past I am just longing to be there.

  2. Enjoyed the photos. That little Shih Tzu is so cute.

  3. I'm guessing you're home for the holidays. Have a wonderful time and I hope your new year is just great.