Monday, July 18, 2011

Lake Wissota Falls State Park - Chippewa Falls, WI

I came to this area to attend my niece’s wedding.  I have previously stayed at this state park and enjoyed the hiking and biking trails.  So in my free time I did some hiking and biking.  On one of my trips, I was riding my bike back from the ranger station and rode 10 – 12 feet from a black bear.  Of course, I didn’t know it was there at the time.  A car happened to be coming up behind me and pointed it out.  After moving a bit further from the bear I watched it eat for a while. 

Nearby is the Old Abe Trail.  Part of the trail crosses the lake and there is an interesting bridge.  When I saw a picture of this, I thought the bumps in the bridge would make for a rough bike ride.  But after crossing it on my bike I realized that the bridge was so long it was ok.

Below is a view just a quick walk from my campsite.  This was a great place to sit and read.

Several pictures of the wedding are below. 

The usher (my nephew) escorting another nephew to his seat!

I learned that if you want to take good pictures you need to sit on the “wrong” side. We were seated on the bride side so most of my pictures show the back of her head, this is one of the few where you can see her face. 

Above is the bride and groom along with my sister and her family.

I thought Morgan’s wedding bouquet was beautiful.

While here, I had some bad luck.  First, I broke my eyeglasses and had to get a new pair.  Then a few days later, my cell phone decided to die.  I had been thinking about getting a smart phone, so since I had to get a new phone I went ahead and got one.  I love it!!  Being able to look up things on-line where ever I am is great.  (As long as there is service!).  If anyone knows of good camping/rving apps let me know.  I’m in the process of reviewing some campground apps for a Droid and will be downloading one in a few days.

From here I headed to Cooper Falls State Park, which is where I wrote the last several blogs since there is no TV, phone or internet access. 


  1. Hi Pam,

    Here are some apps I use. Allstays Camp & Rv, AAA TripTik, National Parks, State Lines, RV Companion, Passport America, Escapees (SKP) Parks. Andy Baird has a nice web access one for New Mexico State Parks. Hope these help.

  2. Your nephews look crazy....