Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bend, Oregon – Part 2

I went to 2 different Rock and Gem shows while in the area.   I enjoys looking at the rocks from the area and also from all over the world.  I did buy a pendant!

Cascade Highway is one of Oregon’s scenic by-ways.  It was a great drive.  Good hikes and scenery.

There are several lakes in the area.  Some with hiking trails around them.  One of these was Spark’s lake -


Another was devil’s lake, which was an interesting green lake -

One area that I enjoyed was around Camp Sherman.  The river there is the Metolius.  The picture below was taken at the head of the river, which comes from a spring. 

The wildflowers were blooming here also.  Above is a lily just beside the river. 

On one of the rivers was a huge fish hatchery.  It’s hard to tell, but the picture below has thousands of tiny fish.

I had thought that I was going to drive to John Day national monument and camp there for a few days, but someone suggested I go for a day visit to see if I really needed more than one day.  I probably could have done 2 days, but decided my one trip was enough.  John Day has 3 different areas.  They are known for their painted sand, rock formations and fossils. 

The greenish/grey color of the water is because of the rocks in the area. 

I also went to the Dee Wright Observatory on one of the scenic byways.  The observatory was built from the local lava.

While hiking this trail I wondered how they cleared the lava to make it.

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