Thursday, June 24, 2010

North Bend/Coos Bay, Or and Brookings, OR

I am combining 2 stops into one blog.  When I was in North Bend/Coos Bay and Brookings, Oregon it was grey and rainy a good bit of the time. 

The first couple of times that I saw sea stacks in the haze I thought they were magical and mystical -

But after seeing them like this for many days, it became much less magical!  The picture below was taken on a day that it tried to clear up!

I suppose that it is like this so much that people just get out anyway.  I’m trying to learn to do that, but it’s hard!

When I took the picture below, I just sat in the car and you can see why.

I went to Bandon, OR one day and enjoyed the town and the beach very much.  Next time I’m in the area I would like to stay in this town.  Bandon Beach had a Wildlife preserve that was great.  There were birds, seals, sea lions, sea stacks and sea life.

I went to Cape Arago State park one day and happened to be at the tide pools the same day a class was there.  What a great field trip.  But too many people for me.  I went to the other side of the cove until they left.

In the picture above there are hundreds of seals and sea lions.

I also drove down to California and saw the redwoods, but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to camp there for a few days so I’ll save those pictures for my next blog.


  1. Hello Pam,
    I found your blog! I met you at the Salt Creek Rec area on the Olympic Peninsula earlier in the week. Your blog is very interesting and your photos are great! Post more often!!! I mentioned another blog, written by Laurie and Odel who have been fulltiming for several years. They also love the hikes and getting acquainted with "local flavors". Here is the link I hope you enjoy it. Happy and safe travels to you in your grand adventure.

  2. Thanks for the website. I drove to Port Townsend a couple of days ago (from Sequim) and checked out Fort Flagler. I am going to try to stay there for a few days in a week or so.