Monday, April 5, 2010

LaQuinta, CA – again

As I mentioned before, I went back to Lake Cahuilla County Park in LaQuinta.  This time I stayed for 2 weeks. 

Everyday (except 1), I walked once or twice around the lake (2.5 or 5 miles) – what a great way to start the day!

While there I visited several places.  I went back to Joshua Tree National Park.  The blooms still were not at their peak bloom, but further along than before.

I also did some hiking.  My favorite trail was Hidden Valley.

During another hike, I thought this was funny.

The trail was under about a foot of water.  You can see in the lake the sign that points where the trail is and you can see the rocks under the water that lined parts of the trail.  Apparently they have had more rain this year than normal. 

Another hike I did was skull rock.  The trail was interesting, but not marked well and I had to backtrack a couple of miles. 

I also went back to the Desert Living Museum.  Remember the picture of the hummingbird?  I took that about 3 weeks before the picture below.  This is the same bird feeding her baby hummingbirds.  They make their nest out of all kind of things and I thought it was cute that it now has a small flower on it.  I was told by a volunteer who walked up while I was there that the babies were about 2.5 weeks old.   


Another day, I went to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  I took a couple of hikes that day.  The wildflowers were beautiful. 

One day I drove to the mothership.  For you non-Lazy Daze owners, that’s the name that some people who own Lazy Daze RVs call the Lazy Daze Plant.  After picking up a few parts, I drove to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.  Either it’s not at peak or this isn’t a great year.  But it was still great.


This area is known for dates (the fruit).  Below is a date farm.  Note the ladders they permanently attach to the upper part of the palms so they can get the dates.

My plans were to leave here and start heading up north, but the weather in North California and Southern Oregon did not think this was a good idea.  The weather at one of the passes that I would have to go through was not good – snow!  So I decided to delay for a few days and wait out the weather.  I ended up back in Desert Hot Springs, where as I wrote yesterday I experienced the earthquake.  There have been many aftershocks, with several large ones.  I think I felt one earlier this morning, but it is so windy I’m not sure. 

Hopefully I’ll leave here on Wednesday and head north.

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  1. the hummingbird pictures, just beautiful. Also, the "trail". Beautiful photos, Thanks for Sharing.