Thursday, April 15, 2010

The drive from Southern California to Washington

Well, I finally left California.   The drive from Southern California to Washington was interesting.  Hopefully no more earthquakes!

I started in the High Desert and ended up in an area with cedar, fir and spruce trees.  In between I went through the Raisin capital of the world, the Olive capital of the world and the Grass Seed capital of the world. Wow, a lot of capitals!

Before looking at the next pictures, you need to remember that I am from Georgia so snow is not something I saw very often.  I couldn’t get used to the snow and the mountains -


The following was taken from a truck stop.  I’d love to have a view like this out my door.  Wait, I guess I do – my view is everywhere I travel!

IMG_4508Just a couple of days ago, I saw some traffic on TV and thought that I had been extremely lucky in my travels because I had not hit any bad traffic.  Well, that was before I got to Tacoma and Seattle.  I had been warned and had read that the traffic in that area can be bad.  But I was arriving on a Sunday and didn’t think it would be bad.  Wow, was I wrong.  The picture below of stop and go traffic was taken about noon on Sunday. 

IMG_4532  According to my GPS, it only delayed me about 8 minutes but I couldn’t believe there was that much traffic on a Sunday.  I haven’t figured out when I will leave but I definitely don’t want to leave during rush hour. 

As some of you know I had hoped to catch the tulip festival.  On driving to the campground I went about a block away from some  fields.  Fields of Pink, Purple, yellow and red.  I guessed they were tulips, but wasn’t close enough to tell.  More on my visit to the tulips and other things in the area later--

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  1. Well Pam, you can't get much further away from home than your current spot. I'm enjoying seeing the photos of places you've been. I do wish you spoke more about living in the LD. I'm just as interested in the daily routines of RV living as the places you travel. BTW we met at Hanna Park last year when you were first launching. I'm so excited to see you are following your dream.