Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grand Teton

I took so many pictures while in Grand Teton National park that it took me a while to decide what to post.  I hope you like reflection shots, I do so there are quite a few here.  I stayed in the park at one of the campgrounds. 

As far as wildlife, I saw moose -

gt moose

Grizzly Bear (note this picture was taken with my camera at it’s maximum optical and digital zoom, so it’s not the best of pictures.  He was eating an elk, but decided not to post the one that I have of that),

gt bear


Red Squirrels (and other small animals), but this one was too cute to not post -

gt red squirrel and lots of buffalo.  If you ever want to be surrounded by wild buffalo (in your car), just ask and I’ll tell you where in the Teton’s to go.  I have closer up pictures, but I like the one with the mountains in the background. gt buffalo I also saw elk and pronghorn antelope. 

Now for some of the scenery.  I went on several hikes and below are pictures from either the hikes or just some of the scenic drives. 

gt morning

gt reflect 1 gt leigh lake reflect 1

gt bradley-taggert lake hike gt leigh lake reflect 4

gt reflect 2 

gt tetons gt leigh lake reflect 3I’m currently in Yellowstone and will be here for another week.  I’ll post about my Yellowstone adventures later. 


  1. I'm not a traveler but these pictures are breathtaking! I really enjoy seeing the places you have been.

  2. Those pictures would be good for jigsaw puzzles.