Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sault St Marie–part 2

While in the Upper Peninsula (and the upper part of the lower peninsula) my GPS started doing some strange things.  The first time was when I was in Mackinac City and was headed to  St Ignace, which was just across the Mackinaw City bridge – maybe a 15 – 20 minute drive.  My GPS showed 12 hours or so (I can’t remember exactly) and took me way out of the way. Here in Sault St. Marie I was having similar issues.

Below is a picture of when I was at my RV park in Michigan and headed just across the bridge I walked in the previous blog to Sault St Marie, Ontario – maybe a 20 minute drive. 


The GPS took me all the way across the upper peninsula, Northern Wisconsin, a bit of NE Minnesota and then around Lake Superior on the Canadian side.  A long way to go just to go on a short hike! 

Just one of the joys of technology!!

Well as mentioned, I did go into Canada for some sightseeing and for some Crystal Light.  Last year while in Newfoundland I discovered a flavor of Crystal Light that is not available in the U.S.  So since I was so close to Canada, I decided to stock up.

The Canadian locks are much smaller than the U.S. side and only allow small boats, basically privately owned personal boats and tour boats. 


The locks are in the Canadian Sault St Marie National Historical Park and included some trails I wanted to hike.  On 2 different days, I walked the trails below.  sault_st_marie_canada4





One of the trails took me under the international bridge that I had walked across a few days before. 


One day I toured part of the Upper Peninsula and went to Tahquamenon Falls and a couple of lighthouses.  Since I have blogged about both in years past, I will only post 2 pic from the falls. 



Close to the end of my time in Sault St Marie, I went back to the locks.  This time I went up the observation platform.  I watched a Soo Locks boat go through the locks.


A day or 2 before this I took the Soo Locks boat tour.  We went through the  U.S. Locks once and then back through the Canadian locks.

Coming up on the locks -


The locks opening so we can enter - sault_st_marie_boattrip3

Note the water level - sault_st_marie_boattrip2Notice the water level 10 – 15 minutes later.  It had risen 20 feet!   


While in the RV park, we could watch the freighters go past.  The freighter below is the longest (according to a freighter expert that I met at the park).  It is 1010 feet long. 


I learned about several websites and apps that let you know where boats, ships, freighters are.  I loaded FindShip on my phone and enjoyed following the freighters journeys before and after I saw them. 

From here, I headed back to Houghton, MI for the month of July.

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