Thursday, April 7, 2016

St. Marys, GA

I camped at Crooked River State Park in  St. Mary’s, GA Feb. 21 – Mar 4.  I have stayed here before and enjoyed it because there are a good many things to do within an hour or so drive.

A while back some Lazy Daze friends mentioned that they have had a couple of delivery problems using General Delivery to receive their mail.   I haven’t had any problems with getting it (I probably shouldn’t say that so I knocked on wood just to make sure it wouldn’t happen!), but this is the second time that it was damaged! 


That is how I received it.  In addition to the rip it was open all the way across the top, but the St. Mary’s post office had taped it closed and put a sticker on it saying they received it that way.  Of course I don’t know if anything was lost, but the 2 things I were expecting where there. 

One of my day trips was to go back to Cumberland Island.  I used to tent camp on the island a long time ago.  A few things have changed.  One in particular that I may take advantage of next time is they allow up to 10 bikes on the ferry to the island.  Next time I go I might take my bike and ride to Plum Orchard.  It would be a long day hike, but biking it would be fun. 

While there, I saw several wild horses, a Pileated Woodpecker, a couple of Oyster Catchers  and plenty of beautiful scenery.  I noticed the Dungeness Ruins have been “restored”.  Not really restored but they have added some cinder blocks to keep the remaining ruins from completely  falling.  Also the old gym/pool building which was partially fallen down last time I was there is basically gone.  But it has been more than 30 years since I started going to Cumberland so I it makes sense that these things happen. 

st_marys_cumberland 6st_marys_cumberlandst_marys_cumberland2st_marys_cumberland4st_marys_cumberland7st_marys_cumberland8st_marys_cumberland9

Another day trip was to Amelia Island.  The plan was to sit on the beach and eat lunch and then go ride on the bike trail.  I ended up not riding, but enjoying my view from the beach.  While there I saw lots of Skimmers, one of my favorite birds.  They were on the beach and most people would go around them, but a few people walk right up to them and of course they would fly away but they came back to the same spot several times.


Since i hadn’t been riding my bike much, I drove to Jekyll Island one day and did the trail around the island.  Afterwards I enjoyed sitting on the beach and resting!

Also while at the campground I saw Georgia’s State Reptile, the Gopher Tortoise a couple of times.

st_marys_crooked river state park

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