Thursday, January 21, 2016

Georgia & Florida - 2015


My first stop in GA was at Jekyll Island to attend the South East Lazy Daze Get together.  In addition to spending time with the Lazy Daze folks, I also biked and walked most days.

My favorite beach – Driftwood Beachme_ga_jekyll_driftwood_beach

Other pictures from my rides and walks -- me_ga_jekyll_biketrailme_ga_jekyll_woodstorks

After Jekyll, I went to Fort Yargo State Park in Winder where I normally stay this time of year.  I also took my RV to the shop and found out I had a bigger problem than I had hoped.  I had planned on going to the Lazy Daze plant in California early next year to get my roof redone.  But after talking with the RV shop and several other people I decided to let the Apalachee RV shop reseal my roof seams.  Previously I have had a leak in the cab of the RV.  The carpet would be slightly damp.  Since the reseal I have not had the problem.  I hope that fixes the issue, but am concerned that it may have done more damage than wet carpet.  The shop did not find any.  They also fixed a problem with my black tank.

Since my original visit was supposed to be a day or 2 they needed more time to fix my issues and had to squeeze me in.  I ended up leaving my RV with them for 2 weeks and went down to Sanibel Island.  It ended up being rather hot (at least for me), with several of the days being in the mid-80’s and a “feels like” temp in the low 90’s.  I would walk and ride my bike in the morning and then sit in the shade or in the condo during the afternoon on these hot days.



Yellow Crowned Night Heron -


Night Heron eatting lunch -


Same heron swallowing crab -


One day while biking, I watched this Otter come out of the lake, go down the road and back into the lake.


After Sanibel, I went back and picked my RV up and headed to Dillard, GA for the holidays. 

I had been planning on going out west in 2016, but since I no longer needed to visit the Lazy Daze plant and I had waited to long to get reservations at some of the parks I wanted to stay out I changed my plans.  I decided to spend my winter in northern Florida and southern Alabama and georgia.  After that, I would head back up to Michigan and Wisconsin.  I am still working on those plans.  I hope to head west in 2017.


  1. Glad to hear you got your roof taken care iff. Roof leaks can make a real mess for sure. A week on Sanibel sounds grand! We had those same too hot Temps in the Keys in early December, now it's too cold on Central FL. LOL

  2. I'm glad Jim put Eternabond on our roof back in 2013. It was sooner than recommended but at least we've never had any leaks. Sure hope your problem is fixed!