Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fort DeSoto Park (visit #2) - St. Petersburg, FL

Since I have written about Fort DeSoto several times and once this winter, I am not going to write much about my second visit to the area this winter.  This visit was in late February.  I will just post some pictures that I took with a few comments.

I love getting to North Beach, with a short walk through some woods.


Another day, same view but so foggy you can not see the water!fort_desoto2_foggy_beachA view from my bike on a foggy morning bike ride (the ocean is on the left) --fort_desoto2_foggy_bike_ride

Limpken at Celery Fields –fort_desoto2_celery_fields_limpkenGreat Blue Heron -


I would have loved the close up of the Heron below if I had not cut his/her beak off.  I was zoomed in too much when the wind was blowing and he opened is mouth and showed his tongue. I still like it, but I missed a really good shot.fort_desoto2_grtblueheron2

Marbled Godwit (I think?) -fort_desoto2_marbled_godwit

2 Great Horned Owl fledglings --fort_desoto2_owls

Tagged Oystercatcher --fort_desoto2_oystercatcher

A relaxing Skimmer.  I thought maybe it was dead at first, but I read that this is common and possibly how they relax.  Tfort_desoto2_skimmer_relaxingTri-Colored Heron – fort_desoto2_tricolor_heron

2 Wood Storks.  Note how they sit, they are basically on their knees.  See their pinkish feet in front; interesting!!fort_desoto2_wood_storks

Just in case you needed to know this !!!fort_desoto2_sign

From here, I headed up to the Panhandle.  I’ll blog about that soon. 

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  1. Being picky, but one photo caption refers to the "ocean". Actually it's the Gulf of Mexico.

    Enjoy your travels. Fun keeping up with you.