Sunday, February 8, 2015

Georgia – Nov and Dec 2014 - 65

Yes, I am still alive and traveling in my RV.  I have just been very lazy about keeping the blog updated.  

I actually started writing this blog about a week ago, but I had a problem.  I had been having PC issues for a while and finally broke down and got a new laptop in early January. My old PC was about 7 years old – that’s an antique in the laptop world!!  All I had done with the new laptop was play with it.  So when I started to work on the blog I quickly realized that I needed to download some software.  And of course I was at a location where my aircard worked, but was very slow.   On top of that, the photo software that I used  came with MicroSoft Office and I had decided not to buy Office (I am going with OpenOffice instead for my word processor needs).  So I had to find and learn something else.  I ended up installing Windows Photo Gallery, which is part of the same suite as Windows Live Writer.  But it is not as convenient as my old software.  I will try to figure it out or find more software.  If anyone has any suggestions, I am basically looking for software to crop, rotate and/or resize photos.  Every once in a while I play with the color but not often enough for that to be a major  consideration in my choosing what I will use.  I can do all of the above with my new Windows Photo Gallery, but it took many more steps that I used to do!

On top of all of that I am having to learn Windows 8!  And today, my cursor disappeared so I had to figure that out!!

Anyway, I need to catch up on the end of 2014.  That will not be hard as most of what I did was the same thing as 2013, 2012…. 

At thanksgiving, my sister and her family came down from Wisconsin for a few days and we had a small family get together at my mom’s place.  My oldest nephew, Jim, and his family joined us for a BBQ lunch one day.

One day we visited Goats on the Roof, you can see why it is called that --



A rather large goat was watching everyone from above the Ice Cream and Fudge sign and it is a bit hard to see, but 2 goats are on the bridge.


Above Parker is sending up some food to a few goats, while Avery watches. 

For the month of November, I visited family, friends and doctors.

In December, I went to Jekyll Island for a couple of weeks.  While the campground is not one of my favorites I like the location and enjoyed walking the trail across from the campground and biking around the island.

Driftwood Beach is my favorite place on the island, below are several pictures from the 1.5 weeks I was there.


Below is the ramp that leads to the beach at St Andrews picnic area.  It was an extremely high tide on the day I took this photo.  This was about the 1/2 point for my bike ride around the island. ga_eoy_jekyll_picnic_area

Just across from the campground is the road that leads to Clam Creek picnic area and the start of the trail that I walked most days. ga_eoy_jekyll_road

The trail below is part of the trail I walked.  I rode my bike one day on this trail, but it was a bit rough so I stuck to the main bike trail when riding.  ga_eoy_jekyll_birds_on_pathWhile most of the main trail is paved, there are a few board walks. The biking and walking paths are the reason that I like Jekyll so much!!  Plus you can bird watch while doing both.  ga_eoy_jekyll_bike_trail

Then I went back to the North Georgia mountains for the last couple of weeks of the year. 

From Georgia I headed down to Florida for the rest of the Winter.  I will slowly catch up with this blog over the next couple of weeks (if I can figure out the photo editor software!) and in my next entry I am going to reveal some good news and an explanation of the numbers that have appeared at the end of some of the titles during the last several months!! 

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