Friday, March 15, 2013

Mission, TX–part 2B

In the blog I posted a few weeks ago, I mentioned one of my goals while in Mission was to get a good Road Runner picture.  Well, I ended up finding a place  in the State Park where I saw them fairly regularly.  I also saw them most times I rode to Conway on the bike path.  Most of the time they would see me and run off, but a few times I watched them for several minutes.  It was interesting watching one of them catch bugs. 


I don’t know what the Road Runner in the middle was looking at, but I saw them do this several times.  I thought perhaps he was looking up for an Acme Safe falling from the sky!!

In my first Mission, TX blog, I posted a picture of an owl peeking around the tree looking at me.  I thought I was special and he just liked me, but I learned he did that to other people also!  Here is a better picture of him making sure that I am leaving.

Another bird that folks around here were excited about was the Red-Naped Sapsucker because they are typically not in this area.   I didn’t see him the first few weeks, but finally spotted him and then saw him several days hard at work on the same tree.  

















Notice in the last 2 pictures the sap is running down the tree.  A day or 2 later I noticed some butterflies and bees enjoying the sap.

Another first for me was a Verdin.  

Most days, I walked, rode my bike and watched the birds.  At the Birding Center, they have several Bird Blinds. 

Some of the blinds have a water fixture where the birds would drink and bathe.  Below is a Green Jay taking a bath.

I leave here on Monday.  My original plans were to take about a week and head up to Utah.  But in looking at the weather, I decided to take a few weeks to get to Utah.  It’s still a bit cold there!!  So I am going to quickly go across Texas and New Mexico, then I will spend a couple of weeks in Southern Arizona and make my way up to Northern Arizona for a few days.   Hopefully by the time I get to Utah it will be a bit warmer!

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